Hospitality, Hotel Digital Signage

Building Your Brand

  • Managed digital signage networks that are guest-centric
  • Improve brand awareness as well as retention rates by engaging guests with compelling and interactive content
  • Aid in establishing a single brand identity by communicating your brand’s strengths and values
  • Gain trust and loyalty from your guests and maximize on opportunities for guest-driven interactivity
  • Build your brand with connected media - QR codes, NFC, etc.
  • Enhance quality of experience


Three People on a Video conference with two people.

Managed Digital Signage Networks

  • Emergency alerts - Notify staff and visitors of emergencies and communicate instructions for dealing with the situation (i.e. evacuation information, safeguard personal items, take shelter immediately, etc.)
  • Wayfinding - Touch screens can be used to direct traffic within an office building or, as well as a searching kiosk to locate names, contact information, location, and schedules for staff
  • Communicating security information/rules/regulations/best practices - ongoing communications to educate and update individuals regarding new security information, current threat level, and best practices

Food Services

Digital Signage in a restaurant seating area

GMAV Brings It All Together

  • Easily manage many displays in multiple locations
  • Automate playlists multiple sources and locations with scheduling capabilities
  • Update and transmit an instant promotion or change a daily special based on customer demand in real time
  • Integrate a television broadcast with targeted advertising or news of upcoming events
  • Create dynamic menu boards that will attract customers and achieve the impact you want
  • Build your brand image and enhance the quality of the customer experience

Retail Stores

Different touchscreen Digital Signage around a clothing retail store

Digital Sales Tool

  • Add various levels of technology and sophistication to your retail space earning more consumer awareness and mind-share
  • Lower your cost per exposure, compared to traditional print signage
  • Dramatically increase your signage compliance rates at the store level over traditional print signage
  • Build customer loyalty with consistent branding programs across all locations.
  • Improve conversion rates with interactive product information and expanded assortment offerings
  • Augment accessory attachment rates with weekly endemic advertising
  • Increase promotional revenue with in-store signage space

Digital Signage In Education

Digital Signage in a University lobby

Network Monitors 

  • Connect students and faculty with
  • Network multiple workstations & displays for communication
  • Use classroom collaboration
  • Use in a multitude of education environments: classrooms, auditoriums, and large meeting rooms
  • Communicate outside the classroom
  • Communicate information across your entire student body
  • On-campus way finding can efficiently direct campus traffic with touch screen displays
  • Class schedules, events, and other pertinent campus information can be broadcast to displays in high traffic areas from a centralized point
  • Public displays can act as an emergency alert system immediately notifying students and staff across the entire campus. In the event of an emergency

Healthcare Facilities

Digital Signage in a hospital room

Communication Through Digital Signage

  • A complete line of commercial grade OLED, LED , touch screens, and transparent displays
  • Hospital directories, kiosk displays, and menu boards can broadcast information to patients and visitors while content can be updated in real-time
  • Way finding services and educational information can be easily accessed at the touch of a button
  • Digital signage displays can be utilized in boardrooms, meeting spaces and videoconferencing rooms
  • Electronic signage can communicate emergency codes to convey essential information quickly and effectively
  • Communicate your hospital’s strengths and values as well the knowledge your facility has on its services to gain trust and loyalty from patients and residents
  • Maximize on opportunities for patient-driven interactivity that can result in directing action to request more information or schedule time with a doctor


When you want the ability to display constantly changing, computer generated, full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text and animation on displays within your own facility or anywhere around the world, you need GMAV’s connected media and digital signage software. We can help you deliver targeted, real-time data in a dynamic format using eye-catching displays, distributed audio and easy-to-operate control systems.



Genuine Media Audiovisual is a leader in the automation revolution. We have partnered with the best integration equipment manufacturers to provide you with a simple, reliable, and lifestyle enhancing solution to realizing an automated building. 



Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F22-C

Mircom’s 22″ Touch Telephone Access System is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive user-experience. Full customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings


DoorBird IP Video Door Station D101S

Notification on your smartphone when the doorbell button is pressed, is a basic form of access control. You can see your visitors, talk to them and open the door - from anywhere in the world - via smartphone and tablet. DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication.