Multi Room Music

Let Genuine Media Audiovisual (GMAV) bring multi room music into your home. A home automation system wouldn't be complete without this audio visual equipment, which gives you the ability to deliver music to any room. A multi room music system, conveniently operated with stylish keypads or your mobile device, can really enhance your lifestyle. Our designers and installation technicians converge to add their knowledge of architecture, construction and electronics to your plans and dreams, bringing them to life! 

Walk into any room and with the touch of a button play your choice of music from your favorite music App, AM/FM, mp3 audio, satellite radio or any other audio source available. All speakers, controllers and cables are concealed as we place a tremendous emphasis on not only quality of sound, but aesthetic quality as well.

  • Amplifiers/Pre-amplifiers
  • Acoustical Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Keypad Controllers
  • Mobile Apps

DTS Play-FI Whole House Music system picture

DTS Play-FI Whole House Music system picture


Control System

Control System

Control System

AMX, URC, Keydigital Control System

Home Automation=control systems on a network, controlling audio visual equipment within individual rooms. Due to the addition of Ethernet networking capabilities into AV equipment, control systems take on new possibilities. By placing control systems on networks, multi room music devices can be controlled remotely, inventories of equipment can be efficiently maintained, companies can respond to customer service issues more efficiently, and much more. In an enterprise-wide control environment, a user can turn on a projector from another time zone by using a Smartphone.

Smart Home

Control System

Control System

Smart Home, Smart Devices

 Science fiction movies of the past would show an automated home, where food was cooking, lights were turning on or off, window blinds were opening and temperature was adjusting, all without human interaction. Science fiction of the past is today’s reality. Whatever your lifestyle requires, Home Automation can provide all of these benefits plus much, much more!


When Do I Need Whole Home Distribution?

A living, dinning area with Lutron lighting and shade control system


Lutron Lighting & Shades

Did you ever dream of living in a "smart" home? Add a lighting control system to “set the mood” in any room in the house. No longer do you need obtrusive multiple-wall switches in every location, cluttering your wall space. Take control of all the lights in your home from one tabletop, bedside, wall mount or wireless control. Set “lighting scenes” for party or evening mode or monitor lights throughout your home.

Your lights can be controlled remotely from any outside location or can be programmed to go on, off or dimmed in any configuration you choose for the perfect mood setting or vacation mode. Let the lighting designers at Genuine Media Audiovisual design the perfect lighting control system to simplify and enhance your lifestyle. Enhance the home theater experience with lighting control! Operate your lights from your home theater remote for complete control of your home theater. You can even have the lights come on or dim automatically when you pause or stop the movie.

Lutron's automated window treatments, including roller shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé Vertical Drapery System, tension shades, horizontal sheer blinds and Roman shades are the perfect solution for retrofitting, renovations and new construction.

Experience Centers

Lutron's experience centers and showrooms are impeccably designed to showcase the very best in lighting and shading systems.


A Movie Theater At Home

Imagine a home theater with life-like video and heart pounding special effects. Your dream can become a reality when you let Genuine Media Audiovisual design the perfect system. From the moment you discuss your intentions with us, to the first experience you have with your new system, you'll know you made the right decision.

Genuine Media Audiovisual is unique in our ability to integrate all of your Audio/Video equipment into one easy to use remote control. Choose between a high-definition DLP rear projection TV, or front projection with motorized screen, or even the now affordable high-definition OLED monitors. All of our systems feature full Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound.

GMAV is unique in our expertise and wide product selection. Our experts will pick the best equipment for your room and your lifestyle. The world's best manufacturers are represented in our invitingly comfortable showrooms. Purchasing a home theater can be a complicated process - let our design team make it simple!  


  • Audio/Video Receivers
  • Speakers


  • Front & Rear Projectors
  • OLED Televisions
  • Streaming Devices
  • Media & Plex Servers


  • Room Design
  • Seating
  • Wall & Floor Treatment
  • Automate Lighting & Shades


  • AMX
  • URC
  • Alexa
  • Google

A Home Theater, Movie Room

A Home Theater, Movie Room